INBODE, a software based on size and design algorithms, has been created with intense research of Indian women body types and anthropometry. Through our research, we were able to categorize a major un-catered segment of a market, where women still struggle to find clothes that not only fit them well but should be as per their body type.

We at I N B O D E aim not only to be an established brand but also a community where women can not only find the perfect garment for their unique body shape but can also consult, answer and befriend people of their likes.

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During our research, we found out women stuck around these questions. Are you also one of them?

A customer’s body is rarely symmetrical. The right arm may be longer, the left shoulder lower. These differences seem small to the naked eye, but to the fit of a garment, it’s everything.


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    At, INBODE, we believe in user experience and satisfaction. Unlike, other web services we don’t want to leave our customer unguided. Thus, throughout your journey at INBODE, a virtual assistant will keep you guided and will answer to all your queries. Our fitting room, helps customer find her unique shape and fit.


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    Our Vision

    I N B O D E , was founded in early 2016 by Charuka Arora, who realized a need for a clothing brand that would address real, deep-rooted problems of the fashion industry right from universal clothing size standards to lack of attention on body types. Hence, I N B O D E was formed to bring fashion & technology together and create clothing for real people and their body types and redefine the concept of beauty and aesthetics.
    Charu, a post graduate in design from Pearl academy and Domus academy, Milan, also holds a Hons. Degree in history & mass communications. While working in the industry she often found women around her confused with how to dress. The major reason being, brands often portray products with unrealistic standards which are nowhere close to the Indian audiences, ultimately leading to a lack of connection.
    I N B O D E aims to build not only a brand but a community that connects to each and every women out there, educate them and assist them.
    With an interplay of design & technology, we aspire to serve women of all shapes and sizes and connect to them individually.

    To view charuka’s portfolio – Click Here


    A community that aims to serve the “Unique You”.


    For Any Queries / collaboration you can reach us at –

    Email Id : team@inbode.com

    Mobile no : +91 72-52-85-88-58

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