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INBODE is a leading quality control service provider, auditor, marketer and buying facilitator with decades of experience. Personalization, speed and product & industry expertise are at the core of the value we provide our clients.

Buying Facilitation Cum Agent

Our job is to help everybody do their best. We create an environment where everyone is empowered to participate, understand and share responsibility for each other. In doing so, we help search for innovative solutions and develop sustainable understanding. Buying facilitation is focused on helping customers handle their challenges, completely unrelated to the problem you can solve. We help in closing the sale in half the time.

During the entire purchasing process, we assist the customer to obtain the product that meets the requirements of the customers to negotiate the best possible price and terms with the seller and to help the customer complete the acquisition during the legal process.

Marketer & Packaging

We perform an audit of your current status. Developing a strategy to market your shoes using different metrics. After researching the market, we understand the pricing strategy, marketing objective & financial objective.

Marketing is just one big piece of the puzzle of your footwear. We can advise on the design of the product and packaging. In online stores, the first physical interaction between the shoes and the customer is the packaging, therefore packaging is especially important.

Quality & Audit Control

Manufacturers, brands and retailers are required to conduct a range of quality checks for durability and enforcement to ensure that the leather goods entering the market are safe, suitable for use and comply with global laws. 

Below are some of the quality tests for leather products for compliance inspection:

  • Specialist Leather Testing
  • Biochemistry and microbiology testing
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Effluent and water testing

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