From product design and development to delivered products, our commitment is high quality, and we strictly adhere to it

Comfort Guaranteed

While purchasing leather clothing and shoes, value and comfort are important factors that customers consider. We also want the business to supply toxin-free goods on top of that.

We conduct chemical audits and quality controls in accordance with national and international standards. The measurements include the colorfast, rub-proof, and shower proof of the product. We also test the strength of the shoe’s sole – ensuring that customers are best protected from wet feet, even in the worst weather.

Footwear Testing Expertise

Once the service is bought by a customer, a promise is made in terms of form, features and usability. It is the foundation of your success to keep that promise. INBODE can help you stand out from the crowd by ensuring you keep that promise through our comprehensive quality control solutions with product recalls and compromised quality at historically high levels.

Although aiming not only to produce different shoes, but also to evaluate and develop production processes and to track the reliability and quality of each finished product strictly. We focus on a multi-faceted approach: work to solve small problems and reduce on-site losses in each process, improve our technical departments through review and review. All these operations are carried out by departments within the business, as well as reliability testing and product quality checks.

Benefits at a Glance

An internationally recognized test mark from INBODE helps you:

  • Improve your market position with the products tested.
  • Document implementation of legal requirements .
  • An independent institution.
  • Communicate the high-quality standards.
  • Enhance the faith of your consumers in your goods.
  • Boost trust in your product quality and safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world's most efficient and trusted provider of quality control. To ensure that we provide you with the best-in-class

services, our core competencies in quality control inspections, factory audit and supplier evaluations and consumer product testing are constantly being enhanced. Our passion for consistently delivering the highest service standards is what defines it.

Integrity, enthusiasm and creativity are among the core values that we are continually striving for and informing all facets of our business.

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